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          合艾罐头厂正式注册于1990年,生产海底椰产品已有二十几年的经验。现工厂已得到 GMP、HACCP 的国际认证及清真食品认证。

          Hatyai Canning Co is an integrated food manufactory and exporter that was established in Hatyai, Thailand, in 1990. We started out more than two decades ago focusing only on canned honey toddy palms and canned syrup toddy palms, as we wanted to take advantage of our ideal geographical location — Songkhla province, where we are located, is the main toddy palm growing region in Thailand. This proximity to our raw material source ensures that our toddy palms are always fresh, and to this day gives us a strong advantage over our competition. In addition, toddy palms are known to have beneficial effects on our health. In particular, they are used to cure cough, remove phlegm, and improve the overall wellbeing of the respiratory system. This was in line with our vision to produce foodstuffs that are beneficial to health, which has been one of our core values from the beginning. Today, we take pride in being the largest producer of canned toddy palms in Thailand.

          With time, our range of products has expanded, to include fresh frozen toddy palms, as well as a series of health beverages, which includes honey bitter gourd beverage and honey garcinia cambogia beverage. The health beverage series has been introduced as we recognize that our customers have become more health-conscious and discerning in their consumption habits. To give our customers the peace of mind that they are consuming healthy and totally natural products, you may be pleased to note that none of our products contains preservatives, artificial flavorings or colorings.

          Today, we are accredited with GMP, HACCP, as well as proper halal certification. Our products can be found on the shelves of major stores in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We always welcome the opportunity to venture into new markets.

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