Quality Assurance

Proximity to Raw Materials - Freshness
Situated in the heart of sea coconut-producing regions in Thailand, the Songkhla province, Hatyai Canning is endowed with a proximity to our main raw materials, allowing us to manufacture consistently for much of the year. This also means that our sea coconuts and fruits arrive fresh from the fields. Any fresher and you will have to eat them raw!

Dedicated Workforce
Hatyai Canning boasts a dedicated and committed team, all working towards producing quality products for the international market. To ensure rigorous checking of our product quality, we station QC/QA personnel at all major inspection points in the cannery. As a result, we employ an unusually high proportion of QC/QA personnel.

Proximity to Ports - Ease of Transportation of Goods
With our central location, Hatyai Canning is within easy access of at least 2 major ports in the region – the Songkhla Port, which is the largest port in southern Thailand, and Port Klang in Peninsular Malaysia. From these harbours, we can easily reach you anywhere you are. Our manufactory is also conveniently located alongside a major highway.

Machinery Intensive Production
To improve quality consistency in production, we have undergone major overhauls over the years whereby a series of automated machinery has been installed at many positions along the production lines. This has also improved efficiency and reliability in production.

Mutual Trust and Profits
At Hatyai Canning, we believe in establishing a good working relationship that is based upon trust as well as mutual profits as a chief priority for long term partnership.